About Us

Who We Are?

Idamas Learning Corporation is a non-profit organization that provides educational programs for children and youth. The Corporatio’s varied programming offers children a strong academic foundation and a positive head start. Children and youth enrolled in the Corporatio’s programs receive guidance and support that aids in their academic achievement, intellectual and social development, health awareness, and overall well-being. In more than a decade of service, the Corporation has achieved success in providing parents with the tools, knowledge and resources to give themselves and their families brighter, more promising futures.



• The Idamas Learning Corporation is dedicated to improving the quality of life of working families and communities. To help these families, the Corporation encourages the healthy development of children and youth by providing a highquality educational environment in which they thrive during all stages of their development. • At the Center, we work hard to bring out the best in our dedicated staff, the parents we serve and the children in our care.


• WorkForce 2020 • Future of Idamas Learning Center • Youth Mentoring Program • Idamas Scholarship • Sleep- Away Camp Program

Our Affiliated Partners

International Journal for Research Under Literal Access

It is worth to mention that the center has many affiliations with research publication known as IJRULA to strive for the betterment of science and technology to avoid adverse effects on the environment as well as its beings.

American Consumer Council

ACC is a non-profit membership organization founded in 1987 and dedicated to consumer education, advocacy and financial literacy. ACC achieves its mission by serving the economic interest and consumer needs of its 228,000+ members and 54 state/regional/local consumer council affiliates.

Why Choose Us ?

The Idamas Learning Center is reputable for its best services and regularly works on paving the students’ paths to a world of learning that has no limits. It enables the students to balance their Co-curriculum as well as Extra-curriculum.