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WorkForce 2020

• WorkForce 2020 is designed to help youth succeed in high school, prepare for college and explore career interests. The program, offers a dynamic opportunity for youth leadership and development. It consists of a summer weekday academic experience or work internship, a fall weekend retreat, and Saturday academic sessions at the center during the school year. • Through volunteer efforts, cultural awareness and social activism, WorkForce 2020 students are at the forefront of creating positive change in their communities. The Idamas Learning Ceter’s goal is to ensure that youth take the crucial steps toward creating successful high school experiences and making dreams of college and future careers a reality. As a result of our commitment to this goal, parents enroll their teens in this yearlong program at no cost. • WorkForce 2020 students are motivated by sheer discipline. Despite their growing high school workloads and extracurricular school activities, students participate in full-day Saturday academic sessions and in other WorkForce programming throughout the entire school year, as well as for four weeks during the summer. While the cost of attendance is free for their parents, the preparation required – the costs of books, transportation, and career development resources – is not. • Your help is needed to provide increased support to our dedicated WorkForce students. Students receive only a RM500 stipend each summer. This small amount must cover the cost of recommended SAT and college preparation manuals, calculators, and other supplies for program classes. Additional materials, such as business attire for students for Career Day and other professional development activities, are required. Your contribution will go a long way toward increasing the limited resources of our committed students, enabling them to focus on academic achievement and career preparation.

Future of Idamas Learning Center

• While the Corporation offers a variety of programs and services, its early childhood initiatives have been most heralded. In 2017, the Corporatio’s Future of Idamas Learning Center was established. The Learning Center, which focuses on early childhood education and development, provides a high-quality education program for the offspring of working families, setting a standard of achievement and excellence for children and parents. • With your support, we can help give more children who live in the community the head start that they deserve. • Experience has taught us that by providing a critical head start today, we can ensure a brighter tomorrow. Studies show that those who receive a quality early childhood education are much more successful than their peers who do not. The effects of a solid foundation and a healthy head start yield measurable long-term results. • Parents struggling to give their children a head start, which is particularly important in communities where a child’s future can be predicted before it even unfolds, are often at a crossroads. Educational programs which promote leadership and encourage potential are desperately needed. By helping parents in the community, we help children to develop strong academic skills and place them on the path to becoming active, productive members of society.

Youth Mentoring Program

• The Youth Mentoring Program (YMP) is an innovative project administered by the Idamas Learning Center. The Program was established to assist the Union and the employers in building a future workforce by exposing eployees’ children to everexpanding careers within the healthcare profession. • Each summer, the Corporation partners with many homes to introduce youth to the world of work and careers in the healthcare environment. The impact of the summer placement on youth is extraordinary. The host institutions provide several opportunities for youth placement, enrichment, career development, and leadership. At the end of the comprehensive six-week mentorship experience, youth emerge with a greater understanding of the changing healthcare workforce, the impact of global healthcare, and cultural competency. • The experience does not end there, however. It is our hope to provide placements for more youth to enable them to take advantage of mentorship opportunities and to thrive. With each new mentorship placement we make, we can provide a motivated teen with enhanced leadership skills, a greater understanding of the healthcare profession, and an improved ability to accurately determine the appropriate professional path and to pursue desired career goals. • You can support the Youth Mentoring Program in a number of ways. Join us today to learn more about how you can partner with us to ensure that teens obtain knowledge of a bright and healthy future.

Idamas Scholarship

• For many young students, a college education is a building block on the road to success. College represents the next level of academic achievement toward a promising future. However, with the cost of tuition rising each year, students and their parents are faced with the challenges of affording undergraduate study. The Idamas Learning Center recognizes the importance of attaining a college degree and is helping to ease the burden for youth planning to attend college. • By administering the Idamas Scholarship Program supports the academic achievement of young people to realize their academic goals. The Program offers scholarships to children who are attending accredited undergraduate programs. The award may be used to pay for books, personal expenses, transportation, tuition, or for reducing student loan debt. The awards students receive go a long way toward supporting their studies and encouraging them to reach their academic goals. • Without this critical assistance, many students would not be able to afford their college expenses. As more students enter the scholarship applicant pool, our goal is to provide more worthy candidates with increased scholarship support. With your help, we can help alleviate the burden of college students facing financial challenges. Please contact us today to learn more about sponsoring a deserving college student

Sleep-Away Camp Program

• Administered by the Idamas Learning Center, the Idamas Rescue Camp Program provides a summer sleep-away camp experience to children who are between the ages of 9 and 15 years. The Program was introduced with the goal of offering children an opportunity to enjoy an educational and recreational experience outside. • All children should have the chance to enjoy an extended respite from their daily environment. Sleep-away camp offers this valuable opportunity. Children who spend time away at camp can benefit from enrichment activities and challenges that will enhance their physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills. The summer program offers a variety of options that meet the needs of young campers and their families. Each camp is responsible for its own curriculum as well as for activities, offerings and services. Camp activities reflect a wide range of interests and may include arts and crafts, computer instruction, music and dance, nature study, sports and swimming. Camps are also available for children with special needs who require accommodations based on dietary, medical, religious, or other requirements. • Our goal is to introduce more children to the wonders of camp. With your critical support, we can provide a summer enrichment experience to more children who would otherwise not be able to broaden their horizons.